Wittman: Democrats Have a Misguided Focus



House Democrats are not focusing their policies on what average Americans want to see: results. Instead of actually getting things done that would be in the best interest of hardworking Americans, they have pursued a partisan agenda and ignored addressing real challenges that Americans need solved.

House Democratic Leadership has:

  • Refused to work in a bipartisan manner to advance a bipartisan prescription drug package that could actually be signed into law and lower costs for individuals
  • Completely ignored the crisis on the border of illegal immigration and proposed no realistic legislative remedies to alleviate the situation
  • Chosen not to work on infrastructure legislation, something that both parties agree needs to be done to provide widespread benefits to folks across the country

Their agenda means taxing more of our hard-earned money to give the federal government more control over nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, providing taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, eliminating private health insurance, refusing to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion, and decriminalizing illegal border crossings. Their policies are out of touch with the realities facing everyday Americans.

My hope is that my colleagues across the aisle realize that time is being wasted by focusing on messaging bills to appease the most extreme of their base, measures that have no chance of getting a vote in the Senate or getting signed into law. We must move on to working on real, tangible issues, with Republican input and support, that actually matter to the American people.

We need to be working on getting things done that make a difference. I will continue my work to secure our border and combat illegal immigration, fix our crumbling roads and bridges, increase access to high speed internet, ensure veterans receive the benefits they deserve, promote career and technical education programs, cut the red tape hurting our businesses, lower the cost of health care, and get Washington’s spending problem under control.