Wittman – Kicking Off Summer in VA-01!

A note from Rob Wittman:

Kicking Off Summer in VA-01

“The people’s House accomplished a great deal of work this June. We passed landmark legislation to combat the opioid crisis. We passed a farm bill that provides security for America’s farmers, expands access to rural broadband, and bridges the skills gap through workforce development. We passed a rescissions package that would cut billions in unused, unspent taxpayer dollars. And on top of all of this, we also started voting on the first of our annual appropriations bills to fund our government. I’ve long believed that if we can’t pass all these bills on time, by the end of July, that members of Congress shouldn’t get an August recess. 

“Even with all of the work the House has been up to lately, I’ve been out and about in the First District this summer. From holding another meeting of my Rural Broadband Task Force to Clean the Bay Day, there’s a lot to do!”