Rob Wittman’s Immigration Principles


There’s been a lot of talk about immigration recently. I wanted to take a moment to make sure you know exactly where I stand.

Securing our borders and protecting American families comes first. Any legislation to fix our clearly broken immigration system must prioritize those two things. What specifically does that look like?

To secure the border we must provide funding for the construction of a border wall, implement a biometric entry-exit system, and increase the amount of border patrol agents. We have laws on the books—we must enforce them. Rewarding those who have broken our laws and cut in line is not the answer. However, it’s important we find a solution for DACA recipients who were brought here through no fault of their own.

We must also rethink our legal immigration system. Current rules incentivize illegal behavior and don’t prioritize the needs of America’s economy.  Ending chain migration, implementing e-verify, and eliminating the visa-lottery system are smart reforms we need to consider.

Finally, as I have said before, I am against separating families at the border. President Trump has taken the first steps to remedy this issue, but Congress still must act. I believe we must consider a stand-alone piece of legislation that would keep families together when they are apprehended trying to cross the border illegally.

It’s simple, our immigration policy should put American’s first. We are a compassionate nation made up of immigrants and a prosperous nation due to the rule of law. I believe we don’t have to choose one or the other.  While reform is not an easy task, a solution is not out of reach.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime an issue that concerns you comes before the House. It is an honor to serve you and the First District in the People’s House.