The RPV unassembled convention is just 2 days away! On August 15th, Delegates from the 1st District will be voting at the Meadow Event Park (Virginia State Fairgrounds). Voting will begin at 9:00 AM and conclude at 3:00 PM.
$35.00 Delegate Filing Fee. The RPV Convention Call required a Delegate filing fee of $35.00. If you did not pay the filing fee at your mass meeting when you filed to be a delegate (or if you are not sure if you paid), you can pay the $35 at the polling place on Saturday. Please bring cash (exact amount) or you may pay by check. We will not have the capability to accept payments by credit card. If you have questions about the filing fee, please see the RPV convention Call here: https://www.va01republicans.org/rpv-convention/ 
Directions. The 1st District website has been updated with maps of Meadow Event park. We will enter at Gate 3 and park in the lot adjacent to the Farm Bureau Building. Enter the Farm Bureau building at the front door only; you will exit from the side door after voting. Please note that you are required to wear a facemask inside the building, and that we will abide by the social distancing etiquette of the Meadow Event Park. https://www.va01republicans.org/rpv-convention/
Sample Ballot. You can find a Sample Ballot on our website: https://www.va01republicans.org/rpv-convention/. The website also contains the list of candidates, links to their websites, and the complete text of the 4 State Party Plan amendments we will vote on.
Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Since there are 3 candidates, we will be using RCV to determine the winner of the RPV Chairman’s race. On the District website there is a short primer on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), which will be used to count the results of the Chairman’s race. RCV provides for an “instant runoff” if no candidate achieves a majority vote when the ballots are counted. It is very important that Delegates select separate candidates for their #1, #2, and #3 selections to ensure their ballots remain “in play” during an instant runoff. So please take a moment to read the RCV primer.