Article XII Extension

Extension of Article XII to the State Party Plan – Electronic Meetings and Alternate Convention Methods

At today’s State Central Committee meeting, 1st District Chair Bob Watson proposed the amendment be extended through December 12, 2020 to give units the authority to meet electronically if they need to. Many of the typical meeting venues are not allowing large groups to gather at their facilities during the pandemic. In addition, extending the amendment gives the RPV unambiguous authority to hold the unassembled convention on August 15th. The extension of the amendment passed unanimously.

On April 18th, the State Central Committee amended the State Party Plan with Ariticle XII to allow Official Committees to conduct electronic meetings to accomplish their business during the COVID-19 emergency. The amendment also allows alternate methods of conducting our conventions while the Governor’s executive orders remain in place.

These are temporary measures put in place to allow the RPV to conduct its business and nominate candidates for office during the health emergency. Article XII originally expired on July 28, 2020.

Article XII-final